What Are Some Keyboard Commands for Microsoft Word?


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Some of the most used commands for Microsoft Word 2013 are CTRL+O for Open, CTRL+S for Save and CTRL+W for Close. Others that are frequently used are CTRL+X for Cut, CTRL+C for Copy and CTRL+V for Paste.

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In addition to keyboard commands that control basic functions, Word also features keyboard controls to navigate the ribbon, regardless of where the user is in the program. For example, to open the file page to use the Backstage view, the keyboard command is ALT+F. To quickly navigate to the Design page, the keyboard command is ALT+G; this allows the user to access themes, colors and effects such as page borders. By using the keyboard shortcut ALT+P, the user can open the Layout tab, which controls page margin, page orientation, indentation and spacing.

Keyboard shortcuts also can change the keyboard focus without using the mouse. When the user needs to select the active tab of the ribbon and activate the access keys, ALT or F10 controls this action. To move the focus to a different pane of the window, such as the Format Picture pane, the Grammar pane, or the Selection pane, the keyboard shortcut is F6. Keyboard shortcuts can even be used during the print process; for example, by using ALT+CTL+I, the user can quickly switch to print preview without using the mouse. Microsoft Word users can find hundreds of other keyboard shortcuts through the Microsoft Office Support website.

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