What Are Some Key Points for Creating an Effective Powerpoint Presentation?


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An effective PowerPoint presentation is simple, straightforward, readable and visually appealing. Slides must contain key information with a limited number of words. A consistent and simple design template keeps the audience's attention on the content of the presentation.

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A PowerPoint presentation is much more effective when tailored towards a specific audience. Adjusting the presentation format and the message based on the expected knowledge level of the participants greatly increases the chances of audience engagement. A presentation that focuses on only the essential information typically has fewer slides and keeps the audience attentive. Overusing slide transitions, animations and sound effects tends to be distracting and can affect the presenter's credibility.

Using bullet points and short sentences helps to increase readability while preventing the participants from reading rather than listening to the presenter. Solid, contrasting color combinations, such as light-colored text on a dark background, also adds to the presentation's readability. Choosing the right font size and style makes sure that the intended message reaches the audience, while inserting relevant art, graphics, charts and graphs is a reliable way for presenters to illustrate their points effectively. Presenters should use high-resolution images to prevent quality degradation when projecting the presentation on a large screen.

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