What Are Some Key Features of PDF Writer?


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PDF Writer is compatible with a majority of PDF reading programs, works with forms created through Adobe Acrobat, opens hyperlinks directly into a Web browser, and allows users to embed images into their PDF documents. The app is also designed to not take up a lot of memory, making it easy for most phones and operating systems to run it without experiencing slowdown or other performance problems.

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The app allows users to highlight text and make annotated notes on that highlighted text. This makes editing a lot easier, especially when a PDF document is being passed around among multiple people. The app also allows users to insert arrows and images directly into a pre-existing PDF file for the purposes of editing. These notes are also readable in Acrobat, Foxit and other PDF reading programs.

PDF Writer can also download PDF files from email attachments, Dropbox, cloud storage and SkyDrive. Users can bookmark passages and pages in the PDF documents to go back to them quickly and easily at a later time.

The program also allows users to start new PDF files from scratch, edit them on their phones, and then open them later on their computers or tablets. It can also delete pages from within a PDF document while leaving the remainder of the file intact.

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