What Are Some Key Features of the Intel Core I7 Processor?


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Some of the features of the Intel Core i7 processor include an updated platform architecture, higher performance multiprocessor, Intel turbo boost technology and improved cache latency. Hyper-Threading technology is also a feature of the Intel Core i7 processor.

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The updated platform architecture moves the memory controller to the computer die, which helps to reduce latency for memory and increases the data throughput. This helps to make these processors ideal for high-speed design, playback and data recording. These processors also have a higher performance multiprocessor, which helps to connect the computer to other computers or to a chipset. The Intel turbo boost technology helps the active processor cores run faster when certain conditions are in place.

The i7 processor also features improved cache behavior, which increases performance and reduces cache snooping traffic, which in turn reduces latency. This system allows for sharing across all of the caches in the processor. Hyper-Threading technology is also part of the i7 processor, which delivers more responsiveness and throughput with certain applications. Technically, Intel debuted this technology in 2002, but removed it due to technical difficulties with the operating systems of the era. The eventual release of more modern operating systems allowed Intel to bring the technology back in the Core i7 series.

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