What Are the Key Features of "Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12"?


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The key feature of "Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12" is its ability to convert voice dictation into text automatically at high speed and with a high degree of accuracy. The software is also capable of adapting to the user and looking for words in context.

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Other key features include adjusting for preset regional accents and dialects, and the ability to scan the user's emails or documents to learn their patterns of word usage. The software also allows users to read various passages aloud in order to fine-tune its voice recognition abilities. The "Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12" retail package also comes packed with a microphone.

There are some new features as of 2015 that were not present in previous versions of the software. It can now be set up to integrate with Gmail and Hotmail and is better at recognizing spoken email addresses. Dragon icons appear over any area in these services that will function with a verbal command, such as the "send" button. Regular street addresses also automatically reformat to fit U.S. Postal Service standards.

The software requires the 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or a newer Windows version to run. Minimum hardware requirements are 1 GB of RAM and a 2.2GHz Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor.

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