How Do You Keep Your Landline Number When Switching Phone Services?


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Keep the same landline phone number when switching between phone service providers by initiating the signup process for coverage from the new provider, providing it with your old number and requesting a number port. The two phone companies handle the transfer of the phone number, typically over one day.

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FCC regulations require all phone companies to honor phone porting requests from customers remaining in the same geographic region. If you are switching service providers and moving to a new city, state or area code, you may not be able to keep the same number. The process for porting any phone number, including wireless numbers and voice over IP numbers as well as landline numbers, begins by requesting service from a new provider. Refrain from cancelling your old service until the number port is complete, as this ensures that the old phone company does not assign the number to a different customer.

The new phone company may charge a fee for transferring over the phone number, so check with the company beforehand to understand the potential cost. The porting period may last no longer than a single day for most transfers. It is illegal for the old phone company to withhold your phone number during this process.

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