How Do You Keep a Boost Mobile Phone on Without Paying a Bill Each Month?

There is no way to legally keep the data and cell service active on a Boost Mobile phone without paying the bill each month. While the phone itself will stay on and use the Internet with Wi-Fi, it won't make calls or access your data.

Boost Mobile offers cell phone plans for which you pay daily. Instead of purchasing a cell phone plan that requires a monthly bill payment, you can purchase unlimited data for basic phones and smartphones for a small daily fee. In this case, if you don't have the money to pay for the entire month, you can keep your phone active and not worry about a reactivation fee.

Boost Mobile is a cell phone company that operates on the nationwide Sprint 4G LTE network and lets customers purchase a plan without a contract. This means that you can cancel the plan at any time without early cancellation fees or charges.

As of May 2015, if you refer a friend and that person signs up with Boost Mobile, you receive $25 toward your account, up to $500. Boost Mobile will also buy old phones with their Buyback Program. If you send them your old phone, you will get money toward your Boost Mobile account.