What Is a Juno Personal Start Page?

The My Juno personal start page is an Internet home page provided to Juno users. Logged-in users see a personalized selection of news stories, as well as local weather, movies and stock information. My Juno includes quick access to email and a Help section.

Juno is a low-cost Internet service provider. It offers dial-up Internet at three price tiers: standard unlimited, accelerated and free dial-up access. Juno provides high-speed access in select areas and checks availability using customers' landline telephone numbers. Other services Juno offers include game subscriptions and free email access.

Juno's unlimited dial-up service includes a free email account and provides the customer unlimited Internet access. Its accelerated dial-up service provides speeds up to five times faster than conventional dial-up and includes a subscription to Norton AntiVirus. This feature does not function on all websites. Encrypted and secure pages cannot be accelerated by Juno.

Free dial-up service from Juno is not unlimited. Free customers are limited to 10 hours of service per month. Free email service from Juno includes video mail and video chat. These features allow users to send video messages for no additional fee. All email accounts from Juno feature a free spam filter to help prevent unwanted email.