How Do You Join Skype Chat Rooms?

Although Skype discontinued its support of public chat rooms with the introduction of Skype 4.0, you can still join chat rooms that have remained in existence since prior to that time. Skype does not support any of these chat rooms, however.

  1. Click on a snippet

    Navigate to a Skype chat room by clicking on a URL or snippet that leads to the chat room. You can also enter the URL or snippet into your Web browser and tap Enter.

  2. Sign in to your Skype account

    Enter you user name and password, and sign in to your Skype account.

  3. Wait for a moderator to admit you into the chat room

    Many remaining Skype chat rooms are hosted by moderators who must accept your application to the room before you can enter it. Wait for the moderator to admit you. If you are rejected for any reason, you cannot reapply for security reasons. If you still want to enter a chat room after being rejected, you must contact the moderator and ask to be added manually.

  4. Join the chat

    Begin chatting with other members of the chat room. To leave a public chat, simply click on the Leave button on the toolbar or type "/leave" into the chat box and press Enter.