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JavaScript is a programming language that can be used in PDF documents, desktop widgets or site-specific browsers, but it’s typically applied in Web pages. A static Web page uses HTML to mark up the content and CSS to define its appearance. JavaScript adds dynamic elements and behavior to a Web page, which allows users to interact with it without having to load a new page after making a specific request.

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Web pages that utilize JavaScript allow their users the benefit of providing feedback and automatically validating every field that accepts user input. In addition to improved functionality with regard to forms, JavaScript allows for animations that can improve the clarity of a Web page and ease the navigation process. It also lets a Web page load new scripts, images or objects without having to reload the entire content. Furthermore, it can process requests and responses to and from the server without refreshing every element.

JavaScript can run within a Web browser, allowing a quick response time to user input. It uses a JavaScript engine, which is a virtual machine interpreter, to interpret its source code and execute scripts. The most common JavaScript engines are Rhino Spidermonkey and JavaScriptCore. Due to its popularity and shared support among the most common Web browsers, other programming languages use JavaScript as a target language for their frameworks.

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