What Are Some Free Java Games for Mobile Phones?

What Are Some Free Java Games for Mobile Phones?

Free Java games for mobile phones include "Go Rabbit," "Bridge Bloxx," "Alloy Storm," "Comcraft" and "Project Gotham Racing." These games feature various controls and difficulty levels.

"Go Rabbit" involves a fast, little rabbit that picks up precious diamonds and golden coins as it moves across an endless forest. The target of the player is to move the rabbit fast across the forest while preventing it from hitting against the wall or making wrong turns.

"Bridge Bloxx" is a puzzle game that challenges players' brains as they experiment with constructing bridges out of steel, wood or stone. The game's target is to build a stable structure that can sustain the weight of arriving trains. The game also allows users to repair existing bridges using girders, wires and dynamite.

"Alloy Storm" requires users to shoot at enemy aircraft and ground stations using armored planes. The game, which has eight levels and three difficulty modes, uses tricks to avoid enemy fire while collecting coins and bonuses at each level.

The "Comcraft" game provides a mobile platform that lets players construct anything they want using various 3-D blocks. The game, which features a landscape layout, provides simple controls for moving blocks in all directions. "Project Gotham Racing" conveys the speed and difficulty of driving a variety of high-powered cars on winding tracks.