How Do You Find Free Java Applets?


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Find free Java applets at JavaScriptKit.com or EchoEcho.com. These websites also feature many free related products, such as Java-related tutorials, references and programs, with no sign-in required.

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At JavaScriptKit.com, click the Java Applets link in the Scripts/Tutorials section on the left side of the main page to display a list of free Java applets. Click an applet name to display a link to a downloadable class file as well as the code itself, which you can copy and paste to an application of your choice. For free related products, click links on the left side of the main page, such as Free JavaScripts and HTML Validation Tool. Other free products include a JavaScript tutorial, reference and forum.

At EchoEcho.com, click the Free Resources tab near the top of the main page, and then click an applet listed in the Java Applets section midway down the page, such as Pop Up Menu, Text Buttons or Digital Clock to display a link to a downloadable zip file containing the applet code. Click the link to download the zip file to your computer. Other free products include software tools such as IRC programs and HTML editors, as well as advanced JavaScript code for animated buttons, cookies, drop-down menus and browser detection.

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