What Is Jailbreaking a Phone?


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The action of jailbreaking a phone is an act consumers make to access more control over their devices. After jailbreaking their device, phone users can customize their phones with features they desire. This action can involve such activities as installing unapproved programs on their operating system.

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Consumers can also unlock the phone to work on another cellular network that was not allowed prior to jailbreaking their phones. As of 2015, a government ruling made the action of unlocking a phone legal in the United States. IPhone users are known to unlock their phones to gain access to an application store that can host a variety of applications. These applications enable the device to perform functions such as altering how a user can answer text messages.

Users that jailbreak their devices have to note that companies including Apple, Inc. can claim that jailbreaking a device makes the phone unstable and could crash. Apple explains that phone users that jailbreak their device also void the warranty. Apple believes that jailbreaking the phone is the reason for the failure of the instrument. A user that jailbreaks his device and does not wish to void his warranty can restore the device back to its original state.

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