What Are the ITIL Certification Levels?

The four main ITIL certification levels issued by AXELOS are foundation, practitioner, intermediate and expert, in order of increasing proficiency with the ITIL system. In addition to the four main levels, AXELOS also provides an advanced master certification for ITIL professionals. While the four main levels only require education classes, earning the master certification requires both education and successful implementation of ITIL principles in at least one assignment.

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. IT service managers use the ITIL framework to integrate IT services with the needs of their parent organizations or businesses with which they contract. ITIL is a proprietary product, and AXELOS licenses both IT service firms to implement ITIL, and educational centers to teach ITIL principles. If organizations do not want to utilize a licensed educational center to train their staff in the ITIL framework, they can purchase ITIL books directly from AXELOS and teach the system in-house.

ITIL begins at the foundation level, where IT staff receive training in the basic principles of the system. At the practitioner level, IT staff learn how to implement ITIL service principles in their own organization. The ITIL intermediate level actually comprises a number of different qualifications depending on the specific needs of an individual company or organization. Expert-level qualifications educate IT staff in all aspects of the ITIL framework, as well as teaching individuals how to educate others about the system.