What Are Some Items Carried by Online Beauty Supply Stores?


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Items typically carried by online beauty supply stores include various types and brands of makeup, nail polish, hair care products and skin care substances. These stores also frequently sell the products to remove makeup and other beauty items, personal care and cleaning items, hair and body accessories, and devices such as hair dryers or straightening irons.

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Some online beauty supply stores offer products across a wide range of categories to offer customers a single shopping resource, organizing their websites into multiple sections according to the product type or the part of the body it affects. For example, some stores may feature a single category for makeup that includes multiple smaller categories for products such as eyeliner, blush, mascara and lipstick. Another site may offer a section for hair that includes shampoos along with styling products and another section for eyes that features eye shadow along with wrinkle cream. It is also common for these stores to offer additional sections or searching options for particular brands.

Many stores also sell beauty tools such as nail files or makeup brushes, sometimes placing them in a separate accessory section or grouping them together with the most relevant product or body part. Other products that appear in online beauty supply stores include general beauty accessories such as hair clips, head bands, bracelets or brushes. Certain stores may also specialize in products for people of a certain ethnicity, or simply offer a section of the site with these products.

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