When Was the IPod Touch Invented?


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Apple conceived and released its first iPod touch devices in September 2007. The device was based on the same hardware and software as the popular iPhone smartphone.

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Apple released its very first iPod in 2001, along with the accompanying iTunes software. It was immediately successful and spawned several improvements, including smaller "nano" versions and a touch-sensitive scroll wheel.

In January 2007, Steve Jobs announced Apple's first smartphone device. The iPhone included a mobile version of the iTunes software that made the iPod so popular, but also functioned as a cell phone and a small mobile computer rolled into a single device. It had a touch screen, a mobile browser and could run a variety of different applications. The product was highly successful, creating a demand for a touch screen version of the iPod.

Apple responded to that demand with the iPod touch. It released the product in September 2007, mere months after the iPhone's launch. This version of the iPod includes a touch screen interface modeled after the one used on the iPhone. It runs the iOS operating system and can connect to the Internet via a wireless connection. However, it does not include a cellular connection. Several generations have been released since 2007, incorporating improvements to the hardware and software.

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