How Do You Get an IPhone Owner's Manual?


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Apple offers online user manuals for all of its products and operating systems, available on its website. As of 2015, the catalogue of user manuals reaches as far back as the iPhone 3G and iPhone operating system version 3.01.

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The iOS guide acts as a basic "how to" for the iPhone, giving instructions on everything from how to organize your applications, or apps, in the home menu to how to set up Bluetooth for your car. The iOS user guide offers instructions on how to set up a new phone that includes instructions on how to set up Wi-Fi, how to set up iCloud, how to connect your IPhone to a computer and to iTunes, and how to set up email on a iPhone.

Apple also has iPhone hardware manuals available on its support page. These manuals contain information about the safety and handling of the device, the warranty on the iPhone, and the product description.

These manuals are not meant to function as complete support FAQs. For more information and support not covered in the user manual, visit the Apple website, where you can find live support as well as forums that can answer more complicated questions about iPhone issues.

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