How Do You Find an IPhone With a Computer?

How Do You Find an IPhone With a Computer?

How Do You Find an IPhone With a Computer?

To find an iPhone on a computer, go to the iCloud website at and select Find My iPhone. The feature can find any iPhone that is running Find My iPhone.

Find My iPhone is an application that makes locating an iPhone quick and easy. To use the service on a computer, run through the following steps.

  1. Go to the iCloud website
  2. Open the iCloud website at in an Internet browser.

  3. Sign into an iCloud account
  4. Use the same iCloud account that is registered on the Find My iPhone application on the phone. Enter a valid iCloud username and password.

  5. Run Find My iPhone
  6. Run the Find My iPhone feature in iCloud.

  7. Find the iPhone on the map
  8. The map shows all devices running the application belonging to the particular username entered. Online devices are marked with a green dot. Offline devices are marked with a gray dot, which displays that device's last known location. Zoom in on the location by pressing the plus icon, and zoom out by pressing the minus icon. Drag the cursor on the map to move it.

  9. Request a notification
  10. Find My iPhone can only locate devices that are online. If the device is offline but was previously online, the application displays the device's last location for up to 24 hours. If the device was not online during the past 24 hours, request a notification. This feature sends an email as soon as the device goes online.