How Do You View Your IP Number?


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To view the IP address associated with your computer, access the command prompt and use the ipconfig command. It shows the local IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and the address of your default gateway or router, as well as the subnet mask. In many cases, the IPv4 address is sufficient.

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To access the command prompt, make sure you are logged on to the system with administrator privileges. Do this either by restarting the system and using the administrator account or by having the administrator elevate user privileges. Mouse over to the right edge of the screen and click the search bar, then type "cmd" into the search field. On the left side of the screen, click the icon.

Type "ipconfig" at the command prompt and press Enter and look at the resulting information. The IPv4 address is a series of four numbers separated by a decimal point. An example is IPv6, which is becoming increasingly common due to IPv4 addresses running out, is a hexadecimal string consisting of eight numbers.

A number of networks assign computers dynamic IP addresses, changing them every time they log onto the network. Therefore, trying to memorize an IP address for later use may be futile.

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