What Does IOS Stand For?

ios-stand Credit: Lam Yik Fei / Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The operating system used on Apple Computer's mobile hardware devices, iOS, stands for "i Operating System." Apple uses iOS on its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

The first iPhone model debuted with iOS 1.0 in June of 2007. The first iteration of iOS lacked many of the basic features common in smart phones of the day, including copy-and-paste, multimedia messaging, video recording, apps, webapps and to-do lists. Nevertheless, the operating system was extremely fast, cohesive and well-designed. What it lacked in features, it made up for with style and integration with iTunes. Several versions later, iOS offers users the ability to play games, video chat with friends all over the world, stream media and download over one million apps.