How Do You Invite Others to See Your Webcam Live?

Invite others to see your webcam live by initiating a video chat through a program such as Google Hangouts, Skype or FaceTime. Each program requires you to invite other people from your contacts list or by directly typing in their usernames on the service.

After you set up and install your webcam, choose the video chatting software that best suits your needs. To chat with Google Hangouts, both parties need to have a Google account. You can access the service by visiting the Google Hangouts page of or through the Gmail service. Select the person you want to see on your webcam from your list of contacts and click on the video camera icon. It is also possible to make a group video call by clicking on the checkbox next to the name of each contact before clicking on the video camera icon.

To make a call using Skype, you need to have a free Skype account and the Skype program on your computer. The recipient must also have a Skype account, but may run the program from a computer or a mobile device. Initiate the video call by choosing the person from your list of contacts and selecting the Video Call option that appears when you hover over his profile picture. Mac users are also able to video chat with the FaceTime application, which requires an Apple ID. This program works in the same manner as Skype.