How Do You Invert Colors on Microsoft Office Picture Manager?

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a tool that allows users to manage, edit and share their personal pictures. Part of editing is the option to invert the colors within the picture. This is accomplished through the Editing tab and Color option.

  1. Select the picture
  2. Open the picture to be edited in the Microsoft Picture Manager window. This original image can be preserved in the saving process later. Be sure to open the picture to as large as possible to ensure the edits reach the desired result.

  3. Open the editing program
  4. Select Edit from the options. This opens a menu featuring all of the ways the user can manipulate the picture to change its appearance. For example, the user can cut, crop and rotate an image to focus on a particular detail. From this menu, select Color.

  5. Change the color of the picture
  6. The Color menu gives several options for changing the color within the picture. This includes Hue and Saturation. Both options use a slider to adjust the intensity and coloration of the picture. Use the slider to push both the hue and the saturation to the extreme end to completely invert the colors. Adjust the intensity by moving the slider back until the desired affect is achieved.