Who Invented Blu-Ray?

invented-blu-ray Credit: BjArn Kindler/E+/Getty Images

The Blu-ray was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, and the first prototype was presented in 2000. The Blu-ray technology uses a blue-violet laser for greater precision, freeing up more space for additional data storage. As of 2014, 500GB can be stored on one disc.

As of 2013, the BDA members include LG Electronics, Royal Philips Electronics, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Intel Corporation, Sony Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group and the TDK Corporation. As of 2008, Toshiba discontinued the "HD DVD" device production, ending the only rival to Blu-ray, forcing the remaining studios to release in the format. Variations of the Blue-ray disc include the recordable Blu-ray Disc, the Mini Blu-ray Disc, the Intra-Hybrid Blu-ray, the "BDXL" and the "BD9."