How Do You Introduce Students to First in Math?

You can introduce students to First in Math by highlighting the program's student-oriented design and fun, interactive content. The program provides adaptive and individualized learning, and alerting students to this fact can help ease those students who struggle with math and worry about progressing at the speed of the class.

Explain this individualized approach to your class. First in Math utilizes DEEP technology to continually monitor each student's level and progress. When the student struggles with a certain skill or concept, the program provides problems connected only to that skill or concept until the student masters them. First in Math provides immediate feedback and corrects errors as the student progresses.

You can also get your students excited about the program by introducing the interactive digital content. First in Math is built around fun games that teach math skills. These games are organized into modules, including Skill Sets, Just the Facts, Workout Gyms, Know & Show and Measurement World.

Also increase your students' desire to overcome challenges by introducing the program's Bonus Games module. Students earn bonus games based on their performances in previous modules, with additional bonus games becoming available as each student progresses in the skill sets. The bonus games provide additional reinforcement in math concepts learned in the earlier modules.