Why Is an Intranet Important?

An intranet is important because it simplifies the internal communication within a business increasing productivity by allowing staffers to access an internal database easily. It also allows management and employees to communicate easily and share information across the organization. An intranet simplifies the follow-up process after meetings.

An intranet is vital for employees collaborating on a single document at different locations as they can easily access the document on the intranet and update it in real time. A company that locates its policies and other information on a central database such as an intranet allows employee to access such information easily in order to remain focused on other productive tasks. It is easy to automate tasks such as invoicing and stock control using an intranet. An intranet enables a business to manage the available knowledge within an organization and allows workers to network using social tools; staffers can quickly identify colleagues with similar interests and skills, which may lead to future collaborations.

A business that uses an intranet should offer functional personalization tools on its intranet portal in order to increase employee performance. Tools that are based on employee roles are highly effective as opposed to theme and color options. A useful application such as an employee directory typically increases the adoption of an intranet portal as users visit the portal frequently to access such an application.