How Do You Find Your Internet Speed?

How Do You Find Your Internet Speed?

Test your Internet speed using a free online service such as Speedtest or with the do-it-yourself tools at Geek Squad. You only need a computer with a wired or wireless Internet connection to get started.

  1. Visit the Speedtest home page

    Open your preferred Internet browser, and navigate to the Speedtest home page. Wait for the site to load. You can create an account to perform a speed test with multiple browsers or devices and watch a video to learn more about the testing.

  2. Perform a speed test

    Click the Begin Test button to start the process. During this time, Speedtest downloads a test package to your computer and rates the speed at which it transfers. Afterward, Speedtest performs an upload test to check your Internet speed during uploading.

  3. Review your Internet speed

    After the test completes, Speedtest displays your download and upload speeds on the home page. Use the relevant information to compare the speeds with the Internet speed your ISP provides in your contract. You can also select a closer server and run the test again to compare the two results. After the test, share your fastest result on a website and rate your ISP according your final speed test.