What Are Some Internet Plans Offered by Lycamobile?


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Lycamobile offers a variety of monthly mobile phone contracts that include various rates and amounts of call time and texts, but it does not offer any stand alone Internet service plans, as of 2015. However, most plans do include unlimited data at a guaranteed speed up to a certain amount.

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What Are Some Internet Plans Offered by Lycamobile?
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Each Lycamobile plan offers unlimited data usage on qualifying devices under a base usage cap model, meaning it only guarantees the speed of the data stream for a set amount of usage. For example, one plan may offer users 1 GB of data at a maximum bandwidth speed of 4G LTE, meaning that once the user surpass 1GB of data usage the company slows the access down for the remainder of the coverage term. The user is still able to access the Internet, and does not have to pay any overage charges. In many cases, plans renew on a monthly basis, at which time the user's usage tracking resets and she is able to access the faster speeds.

As the cost of plans increase, the amount of data available before speed throttling increases, though the maximum speed typically remains the same on all account types. The most significant difference between plans is the amount of talk time available domestically and internationally. Some plans offer unlimited voice minutes on all international calls, or calls to specific countries, using a similar limiting plan. In these cases, the time is only unlimited to the first 15 unique numbers the user dials.

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