How Do You Get Internet Without a Phone Line?


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The primary providers of Internet services that do not require a phone cable send the Internet signals through the use of cable or fiber optics cables, but Internet data can also be transmitted wirelessly over cell phone networks that are included in most modern cell phone plans. Cable signals are sent along wires with a higher bandwidth than telephone wires, allowing faster connections than phone wires.

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There are many nationwide and local services that provide Internet over existing cable or fiber optics networks, allowing the customers to purchase a certain amount of the bandwidth along the cable for themselves. These cables offer much higher speeds than dial-up or DSL are capable of, but in most cases are not much more expensive due to a competitive market and similar upkeep costs compared to phone wire networks.

Users should take care to do their research before subscribing to a cable Internet service, as some of the more popular services are widely known for having lackluster service. Customers should be sure to read the fine print and know in detail what they are signing up for before they make a contract with any company, but they should especially be wary in the telecommunications market.

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