Why Does My Internet Explorer Keep Shutting Down?

internet-explorer-keep-shutting-down Credit: Hiep Vu/First Light/Getty Images

The most common reason Internet Explorer shuts down unexpectedly is that the program needs to be updated. To check for updates, locate the "Check for Updates" option under the Start menu. If an update is needed, follow the instructions to update Internet Explorer. If the update fixes the problem, change the settings on the computer to install updates automatically to the browser to avoid future problems.

If this does not fix the problem, it is possible that the Internet connection is weak or the website being visited is having problems. Another possible reason Internet Explorer may quit working unexpectedly is that the computer has been infected with a virus or malware. Run a virus check, and use an anti-malware program to check the computer for problems.

It is also possible that add-ons are causing Internet Explorer to crash. Some add-ons conflict with one another, so delete any unnecessary third-party programs from the computer. Additionally, delete the browser history and clear cookies from the hard drive. If this does not fix the problem, reset Internet Explorer. If all else fails, remove Internet Explorer from the computer and re-install it. Make sure to save any temporary files and bookmarks before the browser is removed.