Why Does Internet Explorer Close Automatically?

Internet Explorer automatically closes itself when the program has been corrupted. Problems can also arise from a conflict with the add-ons or settings. The simplest way to fix this problem is to disable and remove add-ons and uninstall and reinstall a clean copy of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is a somewhat controversial browser, with multiple users describing it as slow, prone to crash, full of bugs and susceptible to malware. It competes with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome; in 2004, IE had a 95 percent market share that dropped to 54 percent by 2012. Since then, Microsoft has pushed hard to re-brand Internet Explorer and address user complaints, with limited success. In 2014, PC Mag described IE 11 as a far cry from the clunky and outdated browser it used to be, with excellent updated security and privacy features. While IE lacks the same breadth of add-ons that Firefox and Chrome boast, it has incorporated a feature that informs users when a specific add-on is slowing down loading speeds.

Microsoft has acknowledged Internet Explorer's reputation as an untrustworthy browser in its ad campaign "The Browser You Love to Hate," featuring a stereotypical Internet troll lambasting the browser before grudgingly admitting that it has improved.