Why Is Internet Censorship Bad?

Many argue that Internet censorship is bad because the Internet is a public community that nobody should be in charge of; no specific group should be able to determine what information can be posted and what information cannot. If the Internet were to be censored, then there would be an individual or group who would be effectively "in charge" of the Internet.

The Internet has allowed for instantaneous transfer of ideas, images, videos, texts, news and anything else that can be represented on a screen. While different countries try to ban their citizens from accessing certain information on the Internet, at this point there is nobody in control of what is posted online and what should be removed. The Internet is a public source of information.

Many argue that there should be absolutely no censorship of what is available to the public on the Internet. In the United States, citizens have the freedom to believe whichever ideas they want. If the Internet were to be censored, then many feel that important ideas would be silenced and individuals' freedom would be diminished. For instance, the government could hide information that makes them look bad or they could censor opposing ideals. Ideas do not belong to anyone, so humans should have the freedom to sift through any and every idea, image or information source on the Internet, and nobody should be able to take away someone's freedom to share ideas.