How Do You Get Internet Without Cable?


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The three major alternatives to cable Internet are DSL, satellite and cellular. DSL requires a particular type of phone line, satellites may require a clear view of the northern sky, and cellular requires being within range of a 3G or 4G network for high-speed access.

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DSL Internet service is provided by phone companies, such as AT&T and Verizon. Speeds are generally slower than those of cable, but traffic on the network from other users doesn't have the same impact on individual connection speed. The cost of DSL may also be lower than comparable cable services.

Satellite Internet is available through companies such as Dish Network. The main advantage of satellite is that it is available in rural areas and other places that do not have access to cable and DSL services. However, bandwidth allotments are much smaller than the speeds and capacities of cable and DSL. It is typically not recommended for those who wish to stream videos or play games online.

Cellular Internet can be included with a phone plan or purchased as a separate service, generally by using a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot or MiFi device. These plans usually offer the smallest bandwidth allotments for the price, but they offer the flexibility of connecting anywhere the network has coverage, making them a viable choice for those who travel frequently.

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