How Is the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity Checked on a T-Mobile Phone?


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To check the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity on a T-Mobile phone, dial *#06#. This brings up a 14-digit number that the phone user should copy and carefully keep in a safe place.

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The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, popularly referred to as IMEI, is a number that is unique to every phone. It is found underneath the battery of a genuine device or by dialing *#06#. It is also found on the box that carried the new phone. This number is very important when it comes to handling devices, as it is the only way a user can prove that a stolen device belongs to them. While the IMEI has no relation to the phone subscriber, it does track the phone itself.

T-Mobile has partnered with government authorities in a bid to check the rate at which phones are stolen. If a user’s phone is stolen and they have the IMEI number, they can report this to T-Mobile by giving the phone’s 14 to 16-digit IMEI code. This code is then used to block the phone from being used by the thief on any other network.

T-Mobile users can check the validity of a phone they purchased from another person by logging into T-Mobile and clicking on the IMEI status check page. This allows them to insert the IMEI of any phone they bought to find out if the phone was stolen.

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