What Are Some Interesting Facts About Snopes?

One of the most interesting facts about Snopes is that the site is named after an unpleasant family represented in many of William Faulkner’s tales. The site is one of the United States’ most popular and credible sites for debunking and verifying myths, urban legends, fabrications and rumors.

Snopes was created in 1995 by David and Barbara Mikkelson, a California couple who is also credited as creating many other smaller folklore, urban legend and myth newsgroups, forums and societies.

The site is a forum on which individuals can contribute to discussions and debates surrounding myths and their origins. Many mainstream news organizations, such as CNN, FOX and MSNBC, have credited the site in investigations and news reports because of the site’s credible and professional reporting of various rumors, myths and legends.

The site’s popularity has led it to be verbally attached to e-mails and letters of rumors or legends, stating that the rumor is validated by Snopes, in order to gain credibility. Jan Brunvand, an academic and folklorist famous for his investigations and books, claims that the site removes any wish for a personal “legend” site of his own, as Snopes is the most comprehensive and truthful site in the world when it comes to legends and myths.