What Are the Interesting Features of Poptropica?


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Avatar Studio, Behind the Scenes of Poptropica and Boredom Busters are some of the interesting features of Poptropica. Other interesting features include Poptropica Help Chat, also known as Chat PHC, as well as Cheat Codes and Custom Database.

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Avatar Studio permits users to view any Poptropica character simply by typing in the username, which can be shared online or saved on a PC. Behind the Scenes Poptropica lets users look at files that are used behind the scenes of Poptropica as well as what makes the game stand out. These include links to backgrounds, music and much more. Boredom Busters keep users occupied when they are doing nothing on Poptropica. It offers an exciting list of 101 activities to finish while waiting for the next island release.

Chat PHC is an avenue for meeting friends, hanging out with other Poptropicans, and talking about life or sharing a Multiverse room. Cheat Codes presents a list of glitches, cheats and codes to unlock unique surprises on Poptropica. These include epic effects, Nabooti phone codes, updated promo codes, Easter eggs and a lot more. Custom Database is a database of the most attractive costumes, both old and new, that are available in Poptropica. Users can view other players' characters and display their own for others to see, and access fashion tips.

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