What Is an Integrated Software Package?

An integrated software package is a program that contains many different applications. One example is Microsoft Works, which featured a software bundle that included a word processor, as well as spreadsheet and database programs. Other applications often included are calendars, dictionaries and address books.

Modern computers have generally moved towards office or application suites instead of traditional integrated software packages, which include multiple programs focused on different tasks. These programs are typically offered as a bundle option, such as with Microsoft Office and LibreOffice. Each package contains basic programs that help with productivity, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Microsoft Office.

Typically, these have a streamlined look and their own sets of save files, making it easy to use each suite with some practice. Integrated software often comes preloaded onto a new computer as a basic or trial version, with the more expensive full-featured application suite available for purchase elsewhere or as an additional feature.

Since Microsoft Office is the most popular example of an application or office suite, the majority of suites can read Microsoft Office file extensions, making it easy for those using free alternatives or other operating systems to use Microsoft files. Loading files created in other suites into Microsoft programs may be difficult however, since some alternative suites can only save in their native file type.