Where Are Instructions on How to Uninstall RegClean Pro?

Where Are Instructions on How to Uninstall RegClean Pro?

Uninstalling RegClean Pro requires uninstalling the program and affiliated programs from the control panel while the computer is in safe mode in addition to deleting files from Windows Explorer and using AdwCleaner to ensure the complete removal of all malicious or unwanted files once the computer restarts. RegClean Pro is often found as a pre-installed bundle on a computer and can be purchased from various websites. The software scans the user's computer's registry for system errors and invalid entries and requires a purchase in order to fix them.

Many users complain about RegClean Pro slowing their computer down and not being able to close it. . For those users who want to uninstall the program but cannot get it completely removed by using the add/remove programs feature from the control panel, the instructions below describe how to completely remove the program and all affiliated programs from the computer.

  1. Go to safe mode
  2. Press the "F8" key while the computer boots up and highlight the "Safe Mode" option by using the arrow keys. Hit enter.

  3. Remove the programs
  4. Click "Start" and then "Control Panel" and double-click it to open. Go to "Add or Remove Programs" for Windows XP and Programs and Features for Windows 7, 8 or Vista. Find and remove RegClean Pro, Advanced System Detector, My PC and any other program from SysTweak.

  5. Delete program files
  6. Open Windows Explorer and delete any instances of these programs under program files and then restart the computer.

  7. Install AdwCleaner
  8. Once the system restarts, download and install the AdwCleaner program. Scan and clean all files that appear to be malicious or unwanted from the list within the program.