What Are Some Instructions for Setting up a Web Camera?


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To set up a Web camera, purchase a camera and a USB cable, and install the software needed to operate the camera on an Internet-enabled computer. Connect the Web camera to the computer according to the installation instructions, and then position the camera as desired.

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When purchasing a Web camera, make sure it meets the desired specifications. Many cameras do not come equipped with built-in microphones, which is a disadvantage if the primary use for the camera is talking to friends.

To begin setup, place the installation CD that accompanied the Web camera into the computer's disk drive. If the setup program doesn't run automatically, click Start and My Computer. Double-click the disk drive to run the CD. Follow the steps displayed on the screen to install. Only plug in the Web camera when instructed to do so to avoid interrupting the installation process.

Once the Web camera is installed, position it in the desired location. Most come with a clip to secure it to the top of the computer monitor. Once it is attached, angle it downward so it can capture all facial features. If no clip is included, the Web camera must sit on a flat surface to ensure a level picture. After positioning, click Start to locate the camera's program. Double-click it, and test the camera to make sure it is functioning appropriately.

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