How Do You Find Instructions for the Power Bank?

How Do You Find Instructions for the Power Bank? publishes instructions for power bank emergency chargers. The website provides an online copy of the SP-01, SP-22, SB-52 and SB-13 Power Bank user manuals.

The user manual begins with a catalog of the components that come with a power bank, including labeled diagrams of the power banks themselves and their connecting wires. The manual walks readers through step-by-step instructions on how to charge their power banks using micro USB cords connected to a computer's USB port. The instructions vary slightly from one model to the next, but the overall principles remain similar. The manual also contains a brief troubleshooting section at the end to help users who are having trouble charging their power banks or using their power banks to charge mobile devices.

If a power bank fails to charge, the manual recommends checking the connection to the computer. If the connection is not the problem, a user has the option to send the power bank to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Problems charging a mobile device using the power bank may occur if the power bank is improperly charged or erroneously connected. Problems may also result if the device or other item used has an incompatible voltage for that particular power bank.