What Are the Instructions on How to Create a Spreadsheet?


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Programs such as Microsoft Excel and Apache OpenOffice Calc allow users to create and manage spreadsheets by selecting the New option from the File menu. After making a new spreadsheet, users may insert values into the cells, apply formatting to create different segments, and incorporate formulas to process the data and turn it into graphs.

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A spreadsheet is a document with a series of cells in rows and columns through which users are able to manage alphabetical and numerical data. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including making a budget or sales report. When creating a new document in a spreadsheet program, users start out with a blank sheet that has no formatting or data. It is also possible to choose from a variety of templates with preset formatting and formulas while creating the new document.

The process for modifying a spreadsheet depends on the product users wish to create and whether or not a template is present. Users may insert data into a cell by clicking on it and starting to type or by using the Paste command from the Edit menu. To insert a formula, they may enter the equal sign into the cell and begin typing to receive a series of suggestions for data formatting.

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