What Are the Instructions for Cool Start Remotes?

To use a Cool Start remote to start the engine, press the remote start button. After the parking lights flash, the ignition turns over and the motor engages. While the engine is running, the doors lock. The engine continues to run until the brake pedal is engaged or the remote start button is pushed a second time. The Cool Start remote can also be used to lock and unlock the doors. A button is also available to open the trunk.

Idle down mode is another function available with the Cool Start remote. This is helpful if the driver will be leaving the car for a short period of time and wishes to leave the engine running. To activate, press the remote start button until the parking lights turn on and the doors unlock. Remove the key from the ignition, and exit the vehicle. Upon returning to the vehicle, insert the key into the ignition, and turn on the engine before engaging the brake pedal and resetting the remote starter.

For vehicles stored in cold winter weather, Cool Start remotes offer a timed self start mode. This automatically starts the car every four hours to prevent its fluids from freezing. To activate it, press the start button while the engine is running. Press the program button within 10 seconds. Turn off the ignition; the engine remains running and can be turned off with the remote start button.