How Do You Install a Yada Wireless Backup Camera?


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Install a Yada wireless backup camera by locating the wiring of reverse tail lights in your rear hatch or track, removing the light bulb socket, determining the power of reverse wires, connecting the power cable, and determining the best route for the camera. Attach a cable from the inside of the car to the signal booster, plug in the cable, and test the Yada camera.

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Before the installation, locate the wiring of the reverse tail lights, and attach the wire connecting the signal power to one tail light. Remove the light bulb socket at the tail light from the housing of the reverse light. Put the fixed signal booster into your wireless signal booster, and establish the best location for mounting the signal booster.

Install the camera, and remove the license plate. Locate the most efficient route for your camera cable to your signal booster from the license place. Attach the cable from outside the car to your signal booster and through the rubber ring grommet. Test the Yada camera.

Once you confirm the installation of your camera, secure all wires in your car using cable ties. Replace your light sockets into the housing of your reverse light, and replace all interior panels that you may have removed when accessing the tail light.

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