How Do You Install a Wireless Rabbit TV Transmitter?


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As of 2014, Rabbit TV transmitters are no long used. Rabbit TV now appears readily accessed through RabbitTVPlus.com. Instead of installing any pieces of hardware into a television set, the website requires a subscription and registration.

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The registration process at Rabbit TV is relatively simple. The only information it requires in a usable email address, first and last name, along with postal code. Payment for the service can be made either through using a credit card or through an online payment service, such as PayPal.

Although the design and implementation of Rabbit TV have changed, the overall ease of use and features have not. More than 200 available channels broadcast live. There are also millions of movies and shows that can be sought for and found. Rabbit TV claims that all of this is accessed legally, but they do take the effort to carefully organize each channel to the subscriber's benefit.

For a television to have easier access to Rabbit TV, set-top boxes are recommended. However, standard smart TVs will generally have access to Internet browsing capability. Just save the domain and access it whenever necessary. The log in process can also be set to log in a user automatically whenever he travels to the website.

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