How Do You Install a Wireless Card for a Desktop?

How Do You Install a Wireless Card for a Desktop?

Install the wireless card in an available PCI slot in your desktop PC tower. To get started, you need a Windows-based PC, a wireless PCI card and an available slot in the tower.

  1. Run the quick-start installer

    Open the packaging, and remove the wireless card from its container. Refer to the manufacturer's guide for installation. If it has a software installation CD, place it in your disc tray, and run the installer.

  2. Turn off the PC

    Select the shut-down option from the Start menu. Alternatively, press the power button on your tower to turn off the computer.

  3. Locate an unused PCI slot

    Remove the tower cover, and locate an unused PCI slot on the motherboard. Remove the corresponding cover from the back of the tower.

  4. Insert the wireless card

    Route the antenna through the open slot. Insert the card into the slot, secure it, and replace the cover on the tower.

  5. Turn on the PC

    Press the power button, and wait for the desktop to load. Windows should recognize and enable the new hardware.

  6. Set up a wireless connection

    Open the Control Panel, and select Network from the menu. Select Wireless Networking Connection, and click on Properties. Click the Wireless Networking tab, and select your wireless network. Click Configure, and adjust your security settings to match the wireless card.