How Do You Install Windows Vista Themes?

How Do You Install Windows Vista Themes?

How Do You Install Windows Vista Themes?

To install Windows Vista themes, you must patch your system files or use a downloaded program. Vista comes with a variety of themes to choose from, but patching the system files provides you with the option of installing third-party themes from other Windows users. Before you begin, download UxStyle and a theme that you wish to install.

  1. Download UxStyle and a theme

    Download UxStyle from the provided resource. It works with Windows Vista and newer Windows operating systems. Install the program according to its instructions. Search online for "Windows Vista themes," and download one or more to your computer. Save the files to your desktop or the Documents folder for easy access.

  2. Reboot your computer

    UxStyle creates a file that runs in the background once you install the program. Reboot your computer to make the changes take effect. Once you log back into your user account, you can install Windows Vista themes.

  3. Install Vista themes

    Locate the "C:WindowsResourcesThemes"" folder on your computer. Drag and drop your theme into this folder. If the theme comes with custom fonts, place them in the "C:WindowsFonts" folder. Next, go to the Control Panel. Search for Personalization in the text field. Click the option for personalizing the computer, and click on the new theme in the Installed Themes section.