How Do You Install Windows Updates for Windows 7?

How Do You Install Windows Updates for Windows 7?

To install Windows Updates for Windows 7, click the Start button, type Update in the search menu and choose Windows Update from the results. On the left screen, choose Check for Updates. Windows may ask you to review and select important updates before choosing the Install option. Click Finish.

The basic Windows Update procedure covers all required updates, while optional updates require extra steps. Follow the same procedure until you reach the Check for Updates stage. If optional updates are available, Windows tells you here with a pop-up notification. Click Optional Updates and review the available choices.

Software and hardware drivers are often optional updates and may be necessary for the continued functionality of your video card, keyboard, mouse and other vital features. Select driver updates and any others that you choose to update using the available tick boxes, click OK, then select Install Updates.

If automatic updates fail, it often means that the computer cannot access the updates online. Run your anti-virus and spyware scanners to make sure that malware is not the culprit. Confirm that your Internet connection is working and restart the router if necessary.

If none of these fixes solves the problem, then restart your computer and try scanning for updates manually by forcing an update search. Alternately, try searching for the specific updates that you need on the Microsoft website and downloading them using your Web browser.