How Do You Install Windows on a Mac?

Use Boot Camp to install Windows on a Mac. Apple released Boot Camp shortly after introducing its Intel-based machines. Boot Camp is designed to help run Windows natively and uses processor-intensive applications that do not perform well in Parallels or similar virtual machines.

  1. Check for updates

    Visit the Apple Boot Camp Support page. Download and install any updates for Boot Camp. Next, click the Apple menu, and select Software Update to update your system.

  2. Run Boot Camp Assistant

    Quit all applications, and open a Finder window. Click Applications, and select Utilities. Double-click Boot Camp in the Utilities folder to run Boot Camp Assistant, and click Continue. If prompted, download the Window support software, and enter your credentials. Save the files to a flash drive, or burn them to a disc.

  3. Partition your hard drive

    Use the Boot Camp Assistant to partition your hard drive. Click on the slider, and set the amount of space you want to devote to the Windows installation. Click Partition.

  4. Install Windows

    Place your Windows disc in the Apple disc reader. Click the Start Installation button. Use the on-screen guide to install Windows, and select the Boot Camp partition if prompted. Next, select Drive Options (Advanced), then select Format. After the installation completes, eject the Windows disc.

  5. Install Windows drivers

    Insert your flash drive or disc that contains the Windows support software. Click Start, then click Computer. Double-click to open the disc or flash drive. Enter the Boot Camp folder, and double-click setup.exe to install the drivers. Afterward, reboot the computer, and press the Option key during start-up to select Windows.