How Do You Install Windows 7 Onto a Desktop Computer?


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Begin installing Windows 7 by checking the specs of the machine and choosing an edition. Back up data and choose an upgrade, if installing over a previous version of Windows. Make sure there is a reliable Internet connection before beginning the installation process.

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How Do You Install Windows 7 Onto a Desktop Computer?
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Begin by making sure the computer has the right specifications to be able to run Windows 7. The machine must have at least 1GB of RAM and a 1-GHz CPU to run Windows.

  1. Choose an edition
  2. There are three editions of Windows 7 available. The three editions are Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Check out the features available in each edition and choose the one that will work best.

  3. Choose from 32-bit or 64-bit
  4. Use the 64-bit Windows 7 if the CPU on the machine has at least 3GB of memory. If not, opt for the 32-bit Windows.

  5. Back up data
  6. Use the built-in Windows Backup program to back up data on DVDs, if desired.

  7. Choose upgrade or custom install
  8. If upgrading from a previous Windows version, choose the upgrade option. By choosing the custom option, users can format their drives and begin with a clean install.

  9. Update and run any virus software
  10. Microsoft recommends updating, running and disabling any antivirus software before beginning the Windows installation process.

  11. Connect to the Internet
  12. The installation process will need an Internet connection to look for updates. Be sure there is a reliable Internet connection available.

  13. Begin the installation
  14. Begin the installation process and follow the onscreen prompts. To begin the installation from a CD, click the "Install Now" button. The computer will help with the steps.

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