How Do You Install Windows 10?

How Do You Install Windows 10?

Install Windows 10 by upgrading your existing Windows installation or performing a clean installation. Whereas upgrading keeps your user settings, a clean installation may not. When performing a clean installation, the setup tool asks you what you want to keep.

Users with Windows 7 and up receive the upgrade tool automatically. Once downloaded via Windows Update, the tool downloads the installation files for Windows 10 and notifies the user when the computer is ready. When you receive the notification, follow the instructions to install Windows 10.

If your computer does not download the upgrade tool automatically, you can manually download it from After downloading the tool, launch it, and choose Upgrade this PC now. Agree to the agreement, and indicate whether or not you want to keep your personal files, applications and settings. The installation begins when you click Install. Your computer may restart several times.

If you do not have Windows 7 or a newer version installed, you can perform a clean installation. To do so, launch the upgrade tool you downloaded from, select Create Installation Media on the initial screen, and select a Windows version. Make sure that the language, edition and the architecture of the Windows version you select matches those of your license key. Click Next, and wait for Windows to create an installation media.

Boot your system from the media, click Install Now, and enter your Windows 10 product key. Click Next and pick an installation method. You can choose to keep your files, applications and settings, or only install Windows.