How Do You Install a Wall-Mounted TV?

How Do You Install a Wall-Mounted TV?

To properly install a wall-mounted TV, first discern where the mount and wires will go. Next, attach the bracket to both the TV and the wall. Finally, hang the TV on the wall.

  1. Prepare the space

    Measure the space and attempt to position the middle of the screen at eye level. Avoid placing the mount where sunlight might reflect off the screen. Next, decide how to set the wires. The wires may run outside the wall or be installed behind the drywall. Make sure you have the proper length of wire.

  2. Install the bracket

    Attach the front bracket portion to the TV. A flat-panel TV often has exposed holes for the bracket. Use a screwdriver to remove any caps. Protect the screen by laying the TV face down on a blanket. Line up the bracket's screw holes with the TV's and fasten the screws. Next, install the wall portion by drilling the bracket into wood studs. Make sure the bracket is level with the studs. Follow the instructions to properly secure the wall mount.

  3. Set the TV

    Prepare the cables. Next, get a helper to lift the TV onto the bracket. Make any necessary adjustments to the TV's position before connecting all the wiring.